General Sales Terms and Conditions.

Name: Bedecouverte SPRL

Address: Boulevard d’Avroy 186 – 4000 LIEGE - BELGIUM

VAT Number: 875.878.029

E-mail address:



The general terms and conditions of sales below are applicable to the full range of products sold by Yves Michiels on Bédécouverte sites ( and

These terms are fully applicable for any item sold by Bédécouverte to any customer in Belgium or abroad. Before any transaction or dealing, the customer acknowledges that he has read and understood the general terms hereafter mentioned. The customer agrees and fully accepts them as soon as he has clicked on “Confirm order”. (Step 4 of the order)

These general terms and conditions of sales are ruled by Belgian constitutional laws. Any litigation/disputation related to the sales that take place with the customers would be filed – in case of no mutual agreement – under the exclusive competence of the Liège Court.


1.  Products and Prices:

All texts and pictures describing products are not part of our Sales Terms. Bédécouverte is not under any liability for any mistake there could be in these.

 All items on sale on our site or through its affiliated members are subject to availability at ordering time either at Bédécouverte or at any of its partners.

Product availability is given to the customer for information only. Bédécouverte makes every endeavour to keep its data base updated but cannot be held responsible for any unavailable item, which has been put on sale on its site.

 Prices are in Euros taxes included but without delivery fees or costs due to the processing of the order. Prices are subject to change at any time without any previous notice although all products are provided and priced at ordering time.

 When delivery is outside Belgium, all additional taxes and customs duty are charged in addition. Customers are advised to check with the entitled authorities of their county for information about taxes, customs or other charges, because these costs are under the buyers’ responsibility. Bédécouverte is not under any liability for reimbursement of these fees or other charges.


2.  Log in and password

Bédécouverte demands that all users of its site, who want to place an order, sign in. Therefore they need a log in and a password, which are always checked by our system.  A customer’s valid e-mail address is necessary to place an order because all information about the order is exchanged by e-mail.

In case of lost passwords, click on “Forgotten your password?” and the system will e-mail it back directly. This password cannot be used as a means of payment. It is the customer‘s responsibility to keep his log in and password secret. Bédécouverte cannot be held responsible for any illicit usage of these.


3.  Orders.

All orders are be placed on our site

After the customers have clicked on “Add to the basket” and confirmed their orders (last step of the order), they accept our General Sales Terms and are bound by them.

When they place an order, the customers are required to follow these steps carefully:

·     Click on the product, set down the quantity and sign in (cfr. Art. 2).

·     Write delivery address, which can be different from invoice address, means of delivery and of payment.

·     Write correct information (Surname, first name, full address, telephone number and e-mail address), Bédécouverte is not held responsible if the delivery cannot take place due to any customer’s incorrect information. Deliveries will not be made if the customer cannot justify their delivery address.

·     Double check all details of the order (products, delivery means, prices taxes included, etc.) before clicking on “confirm order” because the customer agrees and fully accepts our GST as soon as they have clicked on “Confirm order” as well as the prices and the description of the products.

·     Make the payment through Paypal, bank transfer or a cheque sent by post. If paid by French cheques, euro cheques or international postal orders, the ordered products will be kept for 10 working days. After this period of time, without receiving due payment, the products will not be kept any longer.

As soon as Bédécouverte receives the payment, the customer’s order is registered.

All information (products, prices, date of the order, etc.) on our automatic system of registration shall be deemed authentic. 

Bédécouverte will e-mail its customer without delay to confirm their order. The sale will then be concluded and the order treated as soon as possible.

All packages are made of extra strong cardboard and can be sent by registered post.


4. Delivering of the orders.

The customer agrees to sign the road haulier’s receipt.

Damaged or missing products must be reported within 48 hours by e-mail.

Any circumstance - (natural disaster, strike, new regulations, in case of absolute necessity, etc.), not under Bédécouverte’s control and if it lasts over a month whatever its cause - , which may delay, prevent or make the fulfilment of the order outrageous, will justify the cancellation of the order and put an end to any obligation concerning it; and this without any compensation for the customer.

If within two weeks after ordering time and confirmation of this order by Bédécouverte (via an e-mail addressed to the customer), Bédécouverte cannot provide a product equivalent to the one ordered, the customer may demand the reimbursement of the amounts paid.


5.  Cooling-off period.

A cooling-off period of 7 working days, from delivery day, is allowed to the customer to send back any ordered product (postage and packing at their own expense) in order to exchange or to get them reimbursed. Bédécouverte agrees to reimburse the products (postage and packing not included) within 30 working days, after they have received and checked them.

6.  Others.

Any item sold by Bédécouverte is under legal guarantee against latent defect.

For lack of payment of any due amount by the customer, Bédécouverte is entitled to immediately suspend or cancel their order and the validity of their log in. In case of troubles, the customer can e-mail  or send a letter by post to Bédécouverte – Boulevard d’Avroy 186 – 4000 Liège – Belgium.

Any customer has got the right to comment on the sold items on although Bédécouverte is entitled not to publish them or only partly as they see fit. Bédécouverte can freely use these here above mentioned comments without compensation for the customer